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Adam Hock Wins!
Mike Neilson Wins Big Bass Honors
Zach King Wins Big Bass Honors
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We believe our products speak for themselves. But, here is where we will post all of this year's success stories.If you've got a photo or story you'd like to share please send it in—it's time to let the "Secret" out.


Miles "Sonar" Burghoff Miles Burghoff aka SONAR

"These (Chubby frogs) are the best soft plastic buzzbaits on the market for not only getting bites, but getting those "game changers" in the boat."

"There are many different designs out there for swim jigs but the Secret Lures MVP Swim Series jigs are absolutely phenomenal."

Doug Vahrenberg Doug Vahrenberg

"I relied alot on the Meat Hook HD during practice for the BASS Central Open on Toledo Bend to locate pre-spawn fish. I have struggled in the past with finding the right hook for the hollow body style swimbaits. Well Secret Lures has done it again. The Meat Hook HD is the perfect compliment. I like using the 7/0 Meat Hook HD with 1/4 weight for the 4" to 5" Swimbaits. The Meat Hook HD has increased my hook up ratio 10 fold. The Meat Hook is the perfect size, weight combination and the hook lays perfectly horizontal so I can skin hook the hollow belly for weedless protection but also offers immediate hook penetration."

Danny Blandford Danny Blandford

"I've been slinging plastic frogs since this whole craze started, and the Chubby has it all!It has been tweaked and tuned to perfection over the past couple of seasons, and the clear legs are awesome.We know you'll have a great year with these frogs, so send us your stories and photos!"

Nathan Gray Nathan Gray
2007 B.A.S.S. STATE CHAMP Indiana

"The Secret Lures frog (Chubby) greatly increased my hooking percentages, putting more fish in the boat! Using the best frog out there gave me a definite advantage over the competition."

Zach King Zach King
Beaver Lake Central Pro-Am Champ - Arkansas

"The action and sound of the Chubby is like no other frog I've fished."

Matt K. Matt K.
North Vernon, IN
A nice April bass caught on a Chubby frog. (Color: Delta Frog)

"Its all I fish with anymore!"

Bryce K. Bryce K.
North Vernon, IN
A nice April bass caught on a Chubby frog. (Color: White Pearl w/ Clear Legs)

"I love the frogs, they are easy to fish with."

Greg Lewis Greg Lewis

“She was following it through the grass, and right at the edge, 'Wham!', she took it. Man did she go after that frog! Thanks for such a realistic bait."

Steve Morton Steve Morton
Team Skeeter

“On a recent trip to Kentucky Lake, I was able to use the Chubby when my buzzbait bite disappeared. The different sound and action really did the trick...even in open water!"

Dan Terry Dan Terry

“I absolutely love these frogs...there is no comparison between these and my 'old' frogs. Here is just one 'Chubby' fish I've caught since learning about the 'Secret'!"



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